About the Roanoke Industrial Center

Learn about the history of the Roanoke Industrial Center.
Learn about the history of the Roanoke Industrial Center.

The Roanoke Industrial Center:
More Than 50 Years in the Heart of the Valley

The Roanoke Industrial Center, conveniently located just 2 miles from Downtown Roanoke, hosts a variety of tenants – from a plumbing company to a bio fuels firm to a carpet maker – with the most flexible terms and the most reasonable rates in the Roanoke Valley.

The RIC's proximity to Downtown, on-site management team, and full-time maintenance staff make it a natural choice for businesses of any size, type, or origin.

The evolution of the Roanoke Industrial Center has its roots beginning as far back as 1961.

Construction began on the first part of the 9th Street complex in 1961. Stretching from Riverland Road to Bennington Street, development was completed in stages, until finished in 1980.

Today, the complex consists of approximately 20 different buildings, comprising more than 50 individual units and over 1.2 million square feet of space under roof.

The Roanoke Industrial Center has housed hundreds of different companies and organizations. By 1990, the RIC had gone from having several large tenants to spaces for a "small community" of over 40 businesses ranging from construction to warehousing and everything in between.

While the present Roanoke Industrial Center dates back to 1961, the site itself goes back even further. Starting in 1917, this site was home to a production plant for the historic American Viscose Corporation, once the world's largest producer of artificial silk.

At its booming peak in the 1920s, the state-of-the art Roanoke mill employed more than 5,000 people, and operated almost as a small town unto itself. Viscose spun 20 million pounds of rayon each year at it's Roanoke plant, and remained in operation until 1948.

Today's RIC still includes many of the historic structures and ambience of the original Viscose mill.